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We also offer piercings. Body piercing is an ancient art of expressing status, royalty and individuality at its finest. And we have a private room in the shop to do piercings!

Esther and Dana are professional body piercers and floormanagers with years of experience.

– We do piercing only by needle, we don’t use a gun. (Also the lobes.)
– Under 16 years:  parent or guardian must be present. Both need proof of ID.
– 16 – 18 years: All piercings (only NO nipples and genitals)
– 18 years and over: All piercings
– We cannot pierce you if you are pregnant or nursing

  • Esther is our friendly piercing professional.
    She is Dutch and apart from working in Holland she has worked in Germany and Spain for 9 years.
    Esther has over 20 years of experience, is creative and, obviously, makes sure her work is done hygienically.
Dana Dead Girl | Ink your skin Amsterdam
  • Dana is also a Dutch piercer with 12 years experience.
    She has a lot of patience and compassion for her clients.
    And her hygiene and passion as a piercer can be seen in the shop.
Roberto | Moc Piercing | Piercing Amsterdam | Inkyourskin Amsterdam | APP member
  • Roberto is our  male Italian piercer. He works as a piercer since 2013.
    His hygiene and experience are APP standards.
    He is also at the front desk to book and help the clients.
-We do not give a guarantee on stones that come loose.
– Balls and the like, especially those that can be screwed on, can come loose. Check these regularly. You are responsible for its loss.
– FREE downsize on oral piercings
– Can I bring my own jewellery to get pierced with? No.
– We do not accept any liability for infections, outgrowth of the piercing or problems during the healing period. Since the skin can swell or become sore, you may experience this.
– We do not refund money.